Across all fields, technological development is fostering the collection of large amounts of complex datasets that require advanced data science skills to be organised, processed and successfully mined. Without novel machine learning methods able to interpret and extract knowledge from those datasets, our capacity to understand the world is severely limited. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are two cross-disciplinary fields rooted at the grounds of computer science, mathematics, statistics and physics to advance our ability to understand complex phenomena through the use of massive data.

The Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence PhD Program (ADSAI) trains researchers and highly qualified experts in these disciplines, with broad focus on the applications to: natural and life sciences, industry, smart cities and transportation, economy and society.

ADSAI is an international doctorate course, taught in English, and it is offered by the University of Trieste, with the collaboration of researchers from other research institutions within the broader the Trieste area, among which SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), INAF (Astrophysics observatory), and Area Science Park (technological pask and tech transfer).

Adsai Open Day 2024

May 11, 2024

Embark on Your AI Journey: Discover the ADSAI Open Day 2024! Are you ready to take the next step in your journey towards becoming a leader in the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI)? Join us for the ADSAI (Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) Open Day 2024, an event designed specifically for young master’s students like you who are eager to explore the endless possibilities of AI research.

Second call for 2023 is out!

July 25, 2023

The second call for application of 2023 is out. There are 15 funded scholarships available and 2 additional reserved positions for highly-qualified staff of IRCCS Burlo Garofolo. Please visit the application page for further details.

ADSAI Open Day

May 23, 2023

ADSAI 2023 Open day The ADSAI 2023 Open Day is an opportunity to meet, in person or online, the ADSAI faculty. Join us to see a presentation of the ADSAI PhD program, with talks from the ADSAI director and the coordinators of the three main ADSAI curricula, as well as to meet students that will discuss their PhD at ADSAI.

Industry and natural sciences

Life sciences and medicine

Economy and society