Industry, transportation, and natural sciences



Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are driving the digital transformation of industries, transportation, and cities. The pace of innovation in these areas is continuously reshaping the scientific and industrial scene, constantly creating new opportunities and research questions. Their impact ranges from smart management of production lines to adaptive approaches in logistic and supply chains and to autonomous driving vehicles. Furthermore, data science and AI are also changing significantly the approach in natural sciences like physics, chemistry and geosciences, developing powerful data driven models and coupling them with equation-based approaches.

Research Topics

In this curriculum we pursue both foundational research questions in machine learning and artificial intelligence and applications of data science and AI to diverse scenarios. From a methodological point of view, the research covers topics including explainable AI, robust and geometric machine learning, meta-learning, control theory, optimisation, bayesian statistics and machine learning, reinforcement learning. Applications are widely distributed in areas like smart manufacturing and automation, renewable energies, transportation and logistics, robotics, geophysics, cosmology, material science, scientific data management.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates in this track will be ready to apply successfully for lead Data Science and AI positions in public and private companies operating e.g. in industrial, energy, transportation, smart city sectors or to pursue research careers in both public and private research institutions.

ADSAI people

Curriculum Coordinator: Prof. Luca Bortolussi

Faculty Members