Giulio Caravagna

Giulio Caravagna

Since 2020, Giulio leads the Cancer Data Science Laboratory at the University of Trieste, a group of interdisciplinary scientists working at the intersection of computational and experimental research, approaching real-world biological questions with state-of-the-art Machine Learning. Giulio trained in computer science at the University of Pisa; after a PhD (2011), he carried out postdoctoral training in mathematical models for biology at Milan-Bicocca, in machine learning for biology at the University of Edinburgh , and in evolutionary cancer genomics at the Institute of Cancer Research. His research is funded by a prestigious AIRC MFAG Grant (2021-26) on the application of AI to cancer evolution.
Cancer Data Science Laboratory

Technical keywords:
Bayesian statistics

Frequentist statistics

Probabilistic graphical models

Unsupervised learning

Application keywords: